Shala Kailash Yoga travels to Rovinj, Croatia's most beautiful coastal town

September 27nd - October 2nd

Limited availabilities

Contact Henry & Natascha or apply below

Rovinj Journey

Shala Kailash Yoga


Feel every feeling, explore every thought, watch any mood and how you interact with people, without ever becoming emotional. Just watch…

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Courses / Workshops

Experience authentic yoga in Idar-Oberstein and Darmstadt

Something for everyone - from deep meditation and beginners' courses to vibrant Vinyasa flow sessions

Friday: 19:00 - 20:30
Sunday: 18:00 - 19:30

Monday and Wednesday classes are planned

Education / Teacher Training

Upgrade your teaching skills and learn from one of the best

200 and 300 hours courses - more info coming soon

Retreats /
Weekend Seminars

Immerse yourself in yoga at Shala Kailash

Experience the one-of-a-kind Shala Kailash and nature's beauty in Idar-Oberstein

svādhyāyād-iṣṭa-devatā saṁprayogaḥ

Patanjali Yoga-Sutra

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